What is Houjicha?

What Is Houjicha?

Houjicha is a traditional Japanese roasted green tea known for its incredible taste. Drinking houjicha tea also has many health benefits, making it a great addition to your everyday diet. 

How to Make Houjicha Green Tea

Houjicha is a combination of two Japanese words – houji meaning to roast and cha that translates to tea. Houjicha is, therefore, roasted tea and is usually made from bancha or sencha leaves. Sencha is the most prevalent type of Japanese green tea made by the first or second young tea leaves. The older leaves or those grown in autumn make bancha leaves, but the roasting process is similar.

We make houjicha powder from the tea leaves or stems. Heres how a cup (or two) of houjicha tea can be good for you.

Why You Should Drink Houjicha

Houjicha is a low caffeine alternative to coffee and black tea, making it a great tea to drink throughout the day. Thanks to its roasting process, Houjicha has a nice taste and aroma and you can enjoy it with any dish or as a breakfast tea. Also, no matter the season, houjicha tea can be a tasty beverage since it can be served hot or iced.

Health Benefits of Houjicha

Lowers Cancer Risks

This tea has the antioxidants Epigallocatechin (EGC) and vitamin E, which combat free radicals that cause cancer. Drinking houjicha, as well as other types of tea, may also be beneficial for fighting cancer because of the polyphenols (including EGC), which are known to inhibit tumor growth

Improves Oral Health

The antioxidants in houjicha, including the catechins and vitamins E and C, are all anti-inflammatory agents that prevent gingivitis. The ECG content can also prevent halitosis (bad breath) and cavities.

Drinking this tea helps your teeth stay healthy and your breath fresh.

Relieves Stress

Houjicha made from the tea leaves or stems harvested in spring has high levels of the amino acid L-Theanine, which lower mental and physical stress. L-Theanine promotes alpha wave generation that decreases depression and anxiety.

Vitamin C and L-Theanine lower the cortisol levels in the body to prevent high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

Houjicha has pyrazines that give it the sweet aroma. The pyrazines relax the muscles and lower blood pressure.

Prevents Heart Disease

By lowering sugar levels and blood pressure, houjicha prevents heart disease. The vitamin E in houjicha stops blood clots that lead to heart attacks. The tea also has Niacin, which improves heart functions.

Other health benefits that you can gain from houjicha tea include:

  • Boosts weight loss
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Alleviates arthritis

Do you want to try houjicha? With such an enticing aroma and so many health benefits, we know you are excited to try it. We sell quality houjicha powder in different packages. You can use the powder to make houchija lattes, ice cream, or other sweet treats. Order our enjoyable houjicha powder today.