Why do we offer powdered tea instead of loose leaf tea or tea bags?

We feel that our Utmostea is unique in many ways, but the fact that it is powdered is perhaps the most obvious.

Unlike the industrially produced and highly processed instant tea you might already know, our tea is made from nothing but pure leaves and stems ground into a remarkably fine powder.

The result of this process is healthy and delicious, and it brings many benefits.

  • Requires no steeping – our tea is fast and easy to make.

  • Less waste – no tea bags! No staples, no strings.

  • No pot required – great for on-the-go, at the office, at the gym, or even camping.

  • Less space – a tiny package can make 40 cups of tea!

  • Great for cooking – mix into batter or sprinkle on top for a touch of extra flavor.

  • Easy to make hot or iced – great for summer or winter or any time in between.

  • Exceedingly nutritious – you get 100% of our tea’s nutrients instead of a mere 30% with typical steeped tea.

Houjicha before grounded

Houjicha after grounded